Surfing with the kids

During the summer holidays the kids got really into surfing at Saunton Sands in Devon, so having spent quite a lot of time there I felt inspired to paint. These are a couple of little oil paintings. The sea disappears off into the distance and the reflection left on the sand is beautiful.


Stormy Weather

Lantivet is one of my favourite beaches and I never get bored of painting it. I have done quite a few now! This one is quite a large painting and I just really enjoyed the texture and the colours. I’m hoping one day I might go down there and the sun will be out!

Lantivet bay
Lantivet on a stormy day

Readymoney Beach

I’ve visited this beach my whole life. It is situated right at the end of Fowey in Cornwall heading towards the coastal path. To me it’s nostalgic and a beautiful spot especially in the winter. I painted this last week from a photograph I took over the half term. I love the colours and the view of Polruan in the distance.


Changing Light

The more I paint the more I become aware of the changing light of seascapes throughout the year. Particularly the colour of the sea has so many variations. It can be a deep deep azure blue in the summer to a pewter grey in the winter and all the colours in between. Here are 2 paintings. The first one is a coastal painting near St Ives in the summer (the sun was actually shining) with intense greens and blues. The second painting is Lantivet at Christmas on a grey day painted with lovely soft muted colours. They are so different but I love the colours in both.

Three mini paintings

I always like experimenting and trying different sizes of canvases. Last time I painted on a very large canvas. This time I did three little paintings on mini canvases 15 x 15 cm.

It’s really interesting how it changes the way you paint. On the large canvas I found myself looking at every detail. On the small ones I worked more quickly and more impressionistic.

Here are the results

Putsborough to Woolacombe SOLD
Saunton Sands
Sun and Sea at Saunton
Sun and Sea at Saunton

My new favourite Beach.

Last summer we found this amazingly beautiful beach near Treen Farm Campsite near Penzance. I had to paint it and I hope I’ve done it justice.

I painted this on a large canvas to give the feeling of space. The sea washes over the beach and creates rivers and lakes on the sand. I used brushes and palette knives to create texture and even at one point a toothbrush!

Peace at Treen Beach
Peace at Treen Beach

Far West

Thirteen kilometres West South West of Penzance is Land’s End. This painting shows my impression of the most Westerly point of mainland Cornwall and England. By road Land’s End to John O Groats is 1349 km. I love this view as the eye travels from the foreground all the way out to the furthest rocks giving the feeling of the land fading away into the sea.

Far West
Far West

Botallack Rocks!

A new painting of the amazingly stunning scenery from the walk from Pendeen to St Just passing the tin mines and these dramatic rocks. My aim with this painting was to give the feel of the drama of the scenery in a small 30 x 30 cm square.  I hope that this painting gives you a feel for this.

I used brushes for the sea and background and palette knives for the rocks scratching into the painting to give extra texture.

Botallack Rocks
Botallack Rocks

Lantic Gallery, Tiverton

“Path down to Lansallos” and “Lansallos Beach” are now for sale in Lantic Gallery in Tiverton. I love this place full of gorgeous paintings including Mary Sumner’s and gorgeous jewellery, ceramics and more. A wonderful place to find the work of local artists.

Framed painting