4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Belinda,

    As you know I’m not in a position to take on any new artists, but thought I would just let you know how much I like the Readymoney Beach painting.
    I have seen ( and sold!) many Readymoney Beach paintings and this is probably one of the most appealing, both for it’s composition and technically. It is a surprisingly difficult view to paint well – well done.

    I will continue to view your website with interest.


    Fowey River Gallery


  2. Hi Belinds
    I just wanted to say that I saw your paintings on display on The Wall at Musgrove Park Hospital today and I loved them! I discovered a passion for painting that I didn’t know I had late in life. I am part of an art group in Minehead run by Mind and it is fair to say that it has changed my life. I really enjoyed looking at your paintings and working out how the layers had been built up. I am definitely going to try my own abstract landscape!


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